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1 year ago

Doctors extract 5-foot-long hairball from girl’s stomach

A teenage girl in India is recovering from a surgery during which doctors removed a 5-foot-long hairball from her stomach, reported.

Kavita Kumari, 15, was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Rapunzel syndrome, which is marked by an addiction to eating hair. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), people who eat hair often click here to find out more from the head, dolls or brushes experience abdominal pain and nausea due to the trichobezoars, masses formed from hair, that clog their gastrointestinal system. The condition is uncommon and fewer than 40 cases have been reported, according to the NIH. reported that Kumari would eat random hair strands she would pick up from the floor and pull hair from her classmates heads. She had eaten so much of her own hair for the past year that she had trouble swallowing water.

She was in a very serious condition, malnourished and very weak. She was barely able to stand on her own, surgeon Dr Lal Bahadur Sidharth told

According to the NIH, Rapunzel syndrome is predominantly found in emotionally disturbed or mentally disabled children. Kumari will reportedly undergo psychological counseling for the disorder.

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1 year ago

How Memory Foam Pillows Is Perfect Solution For a Sore Neck? by Allan Alick

Chronic and acute pains can occur if you have a mattress that does not accommodate you in such a way discover more that the posture is in position. If you do not have the contours of the place you are sleeping on that are according to the natural curves of your body they it may cause a lot of problem leading to a permanent pain in neck and spine. A pillow supports the neck and your spine. For this the patients may use an orthopedic pillow that supports the neck along the natural curve of the spine. This is highly recommended for the people who suffer from a chronic pain. Memory foam pillow can naturally support your neck and help in the reduction of pain. This would naturally curve your neck and shape according to your neck.

After the popularity of memory foam mattress with the people who were sick of using the spring mattresses now people are get facilitated by memory foam pillow. People now days are suffering from neck pains. There budget of getting medicines for neck pain is getting higher and higher. There is an easy way to get rid of the money that you spend on pain killers for your neck pain. Poor posture can always lead to a neck pain. You can definitely have an improved posture by the help of have a memory foam pillow. If you do not have a right sleeping posture you can have a sore neck. It can even be a chronic pain and live forever. Memory foam topper supports you body without straining pressure on your back.

The quality of these pillows improves with time. It gets better with time and helps you have a nice sound sleep. Last long and with time it keeps on getting better with time. Memory foam pillow have a good quality. It would be a great investment for your health and you would never regret after you have bought it, especially when you have sore neck it would not leave you disappointed.

1 year ago

Understanding Diabets - free article courtesy of

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Understanding Diabets

1 year ago

Protein Bars made with "Egg protein"?

yes, try all those vitamin store online. I have a bunch of them listed see this but most of them are on price range for 4.99 or 5.00 for shipping fee , try lucky vitamins, vicatose vitamin (not sure if spell rght but goggle it, it will show you) , try and a lot other vitamin store (goggle vitaimin store) and it will show you the list of name vitamin stores you can go to or goggle whey protein bar.


Healthy Freak! lol

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2 years ago

Freecycle & Recycle Your Way to Savings - weekly deals 9/29-10/5/2011

Most of you know by now that I write a weekly money-saving blog for Boca Raton Magazine and The

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2 years ago

Bugaboo Prams - A Brief Overview Of The 4 Models by Neill Thompson

Bugaboo prams have become some of the most sought after prams for parents and babies the world over. While it was popularized by celebrities back in 1999 when it first came out, its since become the pram of choice for urban parents who need something that is flexible, functional and that looks good. There are currently 4 models available and each have its own unique focus and depending on your needs you will find that a least one model fits your budget and your needs. A stroller is a significant investment and what makes Bugaboo special is the fact that their design is so robust and durable. Lets quickly look at the 4 different models and its unique features.

1. Bugaboo Bee

This is the most economical Bugaboo pram and is designed for parents on the move. Its compact, lightweight (only 17lbs) and very easy to handle. If you travel a lot then this is ideal. It also comes with the usual features like suspension and reversible handle bars.

2. Bugaboo Frog

This is the original and still the most popular. It got its name from the unique wheel design with 2 larger wheels at the front and 2 smaller wheels at the back which allows it to jump over sidewalks and curbs without any trouble. Along with the suspension its ideal for parents in urban areas and if you look at all the accessories then you can customize it for any weather conditions as well.

3. Bugaboo Cameleon

The Cameleon is based on the Frog but comes with a lot of extras that enhances the flexibility. The seat can easily transform into a bassinet which means you can use it as both a pram and a stroller. It has a heavier weight capacity and the suspension is adjustable to accommodate different loads (if you have to carry luggage with you).

4. Bugaboo Donkey

This is the latest model and the first Bugaboo double stroller. What makes it so unique is that its a double that has three configurations. It can be used as a single, as a side-by-side double or as a back to front which is ideal for parents with a baby and a toddler.Are you looking for Bugaboo prams? See my blog to read more about the new Bugaboo Donkey...

2 years ago

Cosco Umbrella Stroller-Giraffe Pattern - InfoBarrel Images

This image is originally part of the article A Cosco Umbrella Stroller Review That Will Show You The Pros And Cons

Almost every infant loves animals and pets; one of the main reasons that these babies like animals so much is because of the amazing patterns that are featured on their fur and skin. This Cosco umbrella stroller will keep your baby entertained with the giraffe pattern that is featured on the lining of the stroller. In addition, this stroller will keep the adult entertained because the lining is very easy to clean.

2 years ago

Exercise & Meditation :: Does Audio Visual Entrainment Really Work?

At first glance, audio visual entrainment looks peculiar and it would be hard to believe that a pair of dark glasses with flashing lights and strange noises could ever have any therapeutic value. However, this technology is proven and is helping many thousands of people around the world overcome psychological and physical disorders where other treatments have previously failed.

How Does It Work?

We have known for centuries that rhythmic combinations of light and sound can affect us inside. Take for example tribal chanting, drum beats and visual displays. However, it is only recently that we have come to understand how and why this works.

We now know that stimulating the brain with audio and video of a specific range of frequencies can cause the brain to synchronize its own waves in time with the stimulus. The result of this is a change in mental state, hypnotic induction as well as altered physical characteristics in the brain (such as changes in blood flow and raised neurotransmitter levels) and the rest of the body.

The typical equipment used for audio visual entrainment is a set of dark glasses that contain a series of LEDs, a pair of headphones and a control unit.

What Conditions Can It Be Used To Treat?

Audio visual entrainment has almost limitless possibilities as many people believe that almost all disorders (mental or physical) have their origins in the mind.

Some of the conditions that have been successfully treated include ADD, PMS, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD, migraines, depression and chronic pain.

Where Can I Get This Technology?

Although audio visual entrainment has many benefits, I advise starting with simple audio brainwave entrainment to start with. These audios can be purchased cheaply via the Internet and allow you to see whether brainwave entrainment is something that could work for you and that you could dedicate time towards.

Later, if you wish to move on to audio visual entrainment, it will require an investment of between $200 and $400 for a good device. This may sound like a lot but you should compare this cost to the benefits of the technology and against the alternatives of drugs or other less successful treatments. On balance, AVE technology is relatively affordable compared to other methodologies.

2 years ago

Product Reviews :: Whereabouts of Thermographic Cameras

Thermographic cameras are also called Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR). Such cameras use infrared radiation to form images unlike the normal camera which uses visible light. The infrared energy is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This has a longer wavelength than the visible light and so it cannot be seen by naked eyes. The thermographic cameras can even detect objects in total darkness.

The images produced by the thermographic cameras are ideally monochromatic since they use a single type of sensor which responds to a single infrared radiation wavelength range. There are two types of thermographic cameras. They are the ones with cooled infrared image detectors and the other with uncooled detectors. The first types of cameras have cryogenically cooled detectors which are contained within vacuum-sealed flask or case. These cameras are more sensitive since their own temperatures are lower than that of the objects which they detect. The disadvantage of using this camera is that it needs a very expensive maintenance and it takes some time to cool down before it starts working. The other type of camera uses a sensor that operates in ambient temperature. The changes in the voltage, current and resistance are measured and then compared to the values of the operating temperature of the sensor. The image quality and resolution of these cameras are lower than that of the cameras with cooled detectors.

The thermographic cameras are used by manufacturers, engineers, contractors, ranchers, maintenance departments and also in medical fields. Physicians use digital infrared thermal imaging to check the changes in the temperature of skin surface. The scanning infrared camera captures the radiation emitted from skin surface and shows them on a monitor. DITI can also be used to detect neural, vascular, skeletal and muscular systems. Such cameras are also used for home security. While installing an Infrared night vision cameras certain things should be kept in mind. There should be no obstruction in between the camera and the area to be detected. Also, camera should not be placed directly in front of any mirror. The military and police also use these cameras to detect targets. Photography in total darkness is possible with such a camera.

While buying a thermographic camera the specifications that should be taken into consideration are the sensor life time, field of view, number of pixels, dynamic range and spectral band. Thus we see that thermographic cameras can be used in various types of applications.